Sunday, February 06, 2005

Continuing with the previous experience of the digital transformation that I carried out on my picture "Background being made woman" in the past May 01, 2004, I will inaugurate a series of impressionist adaptations and of new expressionist and abstract versions, on my original works which are exposed at the moment in the Gallery of my site

These new digital versions that will go appearing in this blog, will go printed on paper of 17x12 in. (42x30 cm.) approximately. To acquire anyone of them as well as to request more information in this respect, you can send me a message through the page Contact of my site

Flower and Maiden - Oil on canvas 100x81 cm. (Click to enlarge)

This original expressionist painting to the oil on canvas that after the successive digital adaptations, she becomes the following impressionist original work printed on paper..................

Flower and Maiden - Print on paper 42x30 cm. (Click to enlarge)


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