Historical Exhibition of the artworks already sold of the Artist Juanmiguel Giralt

This picture painted to the oil on panel primed with mixed technique, it takes the name of "Cavern of the Look", and it dates of the year 1,994.

It was exposed in my first exhibition in this Alcarrian country in which I reside. Concretely in the provincial Delegation of Guadalajara (Spain); being also there where it was sold a Spanish collector.
In this work they became more patent two strong tendencies that ended up being supplemented to each other at the end, influencing all my later creative trajectory: On one hand, the primitive concept of the art that lit what they would be the cave paintings, with their formal and chromatic expression; and on the other hand, the relief search and textures matera in my compositions.

"Cavern of the Look": oil on panel primed with mixed technique, of 100x81 cm. (39.37x31.89 in.), of the year 1994.

Cavern of the Look: oil on chart primed with mixed technique, of 39.37x31.89 in.

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