Historical Exhibition of the artworks already sold of the Artist Juanmiguel Giralt

In this painting, I was plentiful even more in the pictorial concepts in those that for that time I was experiencing, and that I already had occasion of commenting in connection with the previous work that she appeared in this syndicated section; that is to say, a near style to the surrealism, and a very replete texture of matter. I remember that then intended insist not in that type of artistic executorship again (to almost create an under-rrelieve...); however lately I have backslid again in an unconscious way and to my grief, in a new picture. I have intended to correct myself in this respect, but it is never known...

"Mythological Scene": Oil on canvas of 73x60 cm. (29x24 in.), of the year 1994.

Mythological Scene : Oil on canvas of 18x15 in.

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