Historical Exhibition of the artworks already sold of the Artist Juanmiguel Giralt

This Painting "The Fountain", it dates more or less of the same time that the last works appeared in this syndicated section. It was also shown in my exhibition in the Gallery "Dacal" (Madrid) in the year 1994, in which had a great repercussion; appearing in media multitude, and generating abundant and favorable opinions.

I personally have it in great esteem, since in that time it meant to capture a series of my incipient tendencies, those which later have continued evolving gradually, until becoming today the main guideline of my artistic production. In this work my stylistic positions moved in short, still near to the surrealism; although I already tried then to go further on with a bigger matter contribution, looking for that the sensuality in the figurative forms, cracked in certain sense, with the abstraction of a texture more expressionist.
It is exactly there where I persevere at the moment, although those figurative forms to those that have mentioned, now are less recognizable.

At the moment, this artwork belongs to a private collector.

"The Fountain": Oil on canvas of 100x81 cm. (39.37x31.89 in.), of the year 1994.

The Fountain: Oil on canvas of 39.37x31.89 in.

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