Historical Exhibition of the artworks already sold of the Artist Juan Miguel Giralt

The rough, dense, and sharp textures, which characterize the physiognomy of the landscape of the Alcarria where I live for 15 years was so permeating, day after day, in my soul and my senses, which at that stage was built in me the need to capture almost photographically, that new and enriching environment that fascinated me. I needed to seek an accommodation of my painting style then, within my new sensibilities.

Working and researching in my study, I wanted around me represented landscape visions to strengthen my memory and my feelings. For that I used watercolor for its immediacy and spontaneity. Here are some examples of the stage.

"Landscapes Alcarria": Watercolors on cotton paper, of the year 1995.

Panorama II: Watercolors on cotton paper

Juan Miguel Giralt All Rights Reserved Juan Miguel Giralt 2009

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