Historical Exhibition of the artworks already sold of the Artist Juanmiguel Giralt

Looking for inside the disordered trunk of my forgetfulness in relation to my WebSite and to my activity in Internet, I have found one that is maybe even more attractive that many of the other ones that there are. It is my lack of consideration with the works that have been sold along my professional term, even those that were sold before having entered me commercially in Internet. These works stagger my creative evolution, and they represent my gradual artistic positions therefore, as well as the answers that I have gone generating to light Artist's activity.
So I have opted to dedicate them a space with their review, inside this syndicated section of my Site. For that which, I have begun to revise my record of exhibitions and sale invoices from my study (existent thanks to my wife's wise administrative work), to remember them practically to all, and later I am trying to find their respective photography...
Those works, with their review (measures and technique employee, year of realization, and comment) and their photography (the one that fortunately has it) respective, they will go appearing here in this syndicated space, to fill the possible interest that this initiative can raise. I will be charmed of it happens this way!

To already open the long historical series of works sold, although in this first case we miss the chronological succession, I will begin with the still life "Duet and Continuous": Oil on canvas of 50x61 cm. (20x24 in.), of the year 1998; of which I will include a pertinent comment when he appears in their corresponding historical moment again.

Duet and Continuous : Oil on canvas of 20x24 in.

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It will continue................

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