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- The act of creating is limitless, because the work of art is infinite.

- To discover an increased Nature, expressing it figuratively.

- The fantasy should not stop to be realistic, and therefore of being subject to the laws that configure the natural reality. Such laws like the relative ones to the light and the perspective.

- Everything is metaphoric; and the Art is not another thing that the expressive interpretation of that allegorical reality. The Metaphor is an Amalgam, and vice versa.

- To get a magic formula that expresses a figure, a landscape, and a still life jointly, and..., all the realisms amalgamated in each one of the artworks.

- What I look for with my painting is the expression of a limitless reality, the everything in one or the diversity inside the unit.

- To create from a vital nucleus that expands toward all the points of the picture. An alive universe suggesting that it embraces all the shapes that constitute the nature that surrounds us unboundedly.

- I look for when I paint that the Work has life and his identity. That herself arises spontaneously of their own nature. I only direc the Trance...

- I want to express the truth, but it is only certain when she speaks of myself.

- The beauty of the natural life, resides in the complexity and medley of compound elements. Bodies these resultants, arisen of the amalgam and of the imprecise, chaotic, and constant coalition of all type of particles, matters, and colors... I love the true brightness that emanates of that cloudy naturalness.
That is the process that I try to emulate with my painting! Do I get it?

The Spanish Painter Juan Miguel Giralt

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