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Juan Miguel Giralt, expressionism and matter, beauty and the idea of something yet to come...

Juan Miguel Giralt creates paintings and digital works within the framework of continual investigation of ideas and concepts. He creates an expressionistic work, both figurative and abstract, with the clear aim of communicating beauty and harmony in line, with contrast and expression.
Matter, deepens in the slants and little recesses of density, investigating in the evidence of the abstract, seeking the intimate communication with what expresses different levels of consciousness in the subject.
Matter becomes poetry in Giralt's works, deepening in abstract works. This is emphasized through their superimpositions, stains, veiled layers, careful material expressions, inside an abstraction that is beauty in its purest state, that seeks the interior that talks with contained emotional force that, from time to time, overflows.

Giralt is a seeker of enigmas, who searches and finds, and then asks a new question. In painting he works in mixed medium and oil on canvas, while his digital work is pure color; allegories and iconic references forming the necessary counterpoint of its discourse, although all is overshadowed by the color; the authentic protagonist.
Giralt seeks symbiosis; the point of union between expressive abstraction and figuration. His intention is to communicate to us that all exists united, that one only has to make an effort to discover the details that make the difference. In this way his abstract work is figurative depending on our gaze through zones or as we centre in on a specific point and on the whole.

The importance of Giralt's intention to communicate to us the evidence that the assembly of elements, matter and range of color in his creations are united forms part of the all; that is to say that there is no differentiation, only clarification and this is the reason that his mystery reveals a mixture of avenues that later conclude in the sense of that the result is the same.
There is always the idea of the existence of something yet to come, of going beyond the concrete, because all exists, even that which cannot be not seen.

Joan Lluis Montane
The International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

- Giralt is a painter of delicate shapes; in his painting he emphasizes chromatic wealth, the force of studied ochre, and the very individual vision of tone.
An unusual artist that seeks the perception of figures and concrete shapes, not forgetful of the setting, but playing it, working it with texture and relief, giving the painting great and always clear charm. For him, light has a special sense. The play between light and dark is something remarkable, as is also the care given to volume and form.

Mario Vizcaino

- Juan Miguel Giralt creates an intimate painting that, without doubt, desires permanent dialogue with the beholder. All of this is through contained color, where ochre predominates along with grays enriched by fine layers of paint.

Maria Aurora Viloria

- In the works of Giralt, profiles and contours are emphasized and highlighted by chromatic accumulations, those that create textural impressions to the composition, contributing and even improving the perspective and widening space. Paintings which affirm a thematic faith, defined through landscape, intimate visions symbolized in their outlines, suggestive and expectant naked females, and pots full of everyday life full of metaphor and mysticism.
The works of this painter are very much set in the Expressionistic style.

Francisco Vicent Galdon

- For Giralt, the concept that a painting is an all, a cell of something absolute, continues to constitute the main reason for his work. The background and the shapes concentrate all into a figure or a landscape.
Insinuation continues to be essential in awakening the viewer, to make one participate and be active in a total creation.

Pedro Aguilar

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